Hello, Welcome Fellow Musicians

1983, MIDI is born. Then, I’d been preoccupied running my electronic service center for twelve years and my computer stores for six. Hadn’t had much of a chance to make music since the 60s. The stars aligned. I could return to my roots.

A year later, I formed the Computer Musicians Coalition (CMC). On the ground floor of what I expected was going to be something useful and interesting would be a nice place to be. CMC became one of the first distributors of music software and hardware. I wanted to show you some pictures from those early days, but I have everything packed away so deep it’d take me days to locate. I did though find this pic that is fun and I don’t think my friend Don Slepian would mind. Don was one of our early CMC members.

Don Slepian
Don Slepian making beautiful music.

Don Slepian, Electronic Classical Keyboardist, combines unique skills in musical electronics with a lifetime of electronic music performance. He was originally known for his innovative 1980 Ambient Electronica release, “The Sea of Bliss”, used in the early ’80’s in the NPR program “Music from the Hearts of Space”.

“[Don Slepian]… one of the genre’s major talents…”
— Rolling Stone Magazine

CMC became the Creative Musicians Coalition to serve members beyond electronic music, and in ’93 the Music Discovery Network was formed to help CMC members gain exposure. Today, we are preparing to launch Fans and Friends Net a new venture to offer super fans like myself the opportunity to further help our artist friends succeed. By the way, we own bragging rights to the very first online record store in the world, as well as one of the first community forums in the world, pre web.

Fast forward, 2019. We are reinventing ourselves. We’re gearing up for a fun and inventive time. We’d love you to join with us.

To help us along the way, here’s what I’d like to know. This will help us make the most of this venture with the fewest mistakes benefiting the greatest number of you. So…

  • who are “you“?
  • what brings you here?
  • what’s your music-making experience?
  • how can we help you?
  • what kind of products and services may you be needing?
  • would you like to be an active participant at some level?
  • anything else you’d like to offer?

Please leave your comments below. Or, if you’re a bit shy, feel free to contact me personally — email me: aimcmc@ronwallaceenterprises.info.

Talk again, soon -Ron